Dinner 72 Pax 18.03.2007

Hello Felipe,
I would like to thank you for the very good service and quality of dinner for our gala events… Hope to cooperate with you in the future. Best regards,

Graziano Mask,
Group Synergies

Admon Council. 27 Pax 11.10.2006

Hello Felipe
Thank you for everything, everything went very well, professional and also with special details…. I was delighted to see you, meet your wife and your daughter, and also work with you. A big hug,

Olga Simon

Dinner 51 Pax 23.11.2007

Hello Felipe:
First of all, and as I promised, you step in writing our congratulations for services rendered to the Bayer Group. We received a nice congratulations by the head of Bayer. To me that everything was perfect, the development of meal, the quality of the food, serving as (I loved how the teams both on the table ...). He did nothing of cold, so that the customer's concern vanished as we entered the courtyard ...

Agency is-Culture


Dinner 40 pax 17.1.2005

Dear Philip,
First of all thank you very much for all your help. The dinner went very well. Thank you for everything again and I pray it transmit to Kings. A big hug,

Isabel Ybarra, Conferences 2000

Dinner 37 Pax 19.04.2007

Reyes, Philip,
Many thanks for all the effort. The meeting was a success. You are a charm. Philip, everyone has been impressed by your interest in everything to be perfect. A hug,

Mariano Moro, Director General

Dinner 60 Pax 8.11.2005

Hello Felipe,
Just wanted to write to you to inform you that my clients Wates International (United Kingdom) were very happy with dinner the day quecelebramos 22 October at the mansion Guardiola. According to the charge of organizing the event, Mr. Paul Drechsler, both towards the environment, as the food and service were of the highest quality….
In all the activities that made the group, the gala dinner went very well stop… So you know, Wates's questionnaire, the gala dinner received a score of 10 on 10!! I wanted to thank you for the good work done and I hope we can work together in the very near future. A big hug,

Toby Kenyon, Factor 3 Events