Gala Dinners
Patio desde Arriba Panoramica del Patio There are many possible configurations for the patio tables at dinner. Services, tables and chairs … everything is ready for an unforgettable dinner.
Patio from Above Overview of the Patio
Montaje para 400 personas Patio Montado para 160 personas Here's two mounts made to 160 and 400 people respectively. The arrangement of the tables is different depending on the number of people and the event.
Mounting 400 Mounting 160
Dinner Lyrics
Our dinners are a big hit lyrics. These images belong to a charity dinner organized last year. Pianista Soprano Cantando
Pianist Soprano
The spectacle of opera starring a soprano and a tenor, accompanied by a pianist, caused a sensation in the audience. Tenor Cantando Aplausos a Tenores
Tenor Cheers