Patio Columns

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The colonnaded courtyard measuring 12.2 m x 12.2 m. In the background is the Loggia, and behind that is the Garden Patio. These three contiguous spaces measure 25 12,2 m x m y suman 305 m2. Both the colonnaded courtyard and the garden patio awnings covered by impervious, by which we can place in one space capacity 37 tables 10, 370 diners. In the 5 fit adjoining rooms 13 tables and 130 additional people. The patio has a remarkable plasterwork and wall neoplateresca is decorated with Seville tiles of XIX with a frieze of symbolic designs and linked shells. La Loggia and Garden will provide a depth and breadth unusual turn a light at once rich and nuanced. Capacities Measures Features
Cocktail 300 Long 12.7m Covered All
Gala 370 Width 11.6m
Soil Marmol
Theater 350 High 4.5m Area Acond. Not
School 150 Area 300m2 Heated One

Patio Columns Bargueño S.XIX Virgen de los Reyes Gala Dinner Detail of the Bureau School Conference Projection