Horse Patio

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El Patio de Caballos is to the left of Apeadero, measuring 14.4 m x 14.4m and is covered by 4 waterproof tents, except in the center, there are palm trees that impede. In the serve cocktails and coffee breaks, and when we serve lunch or dinner over 400 people. To serve, open bar with music past the 11 pm, have come together and enabled with a dance floor for the four parking lots at the back of the yard. It's a playground “labor” brick, Fine Chinese soil and bedding plants. It has an average height of 10 meters and is cool in summer. Capacities Measures Features
Cocktail 400 Long 14.4m Covered One
Gala 250 Width 14.4m
Soil Stone
Theater 300 High 10m Area Acond. Not
School 150 Area 220m2 Heated One

Entry Empty Patio Red Lighting Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Bar Night