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La Loggia is called the space below the colonnaded courtyard to the Garden. It is a covered terrace which measures 6.10m (4.1+2) wide by 12.2 m largo, and being open at its two long brings a feeling of spaciousness and light. For its architectural decoration – 5 neoplaterescos arches on each side, giving an important gate to the garden, and frescoes of Santa Justa and Santa Rufina accompanied by the 4 virtues, La Loggia is one of the most elegant of the house. Capacities Measures Features
Cocktail 100 Long 11.6m Covered All
Gala 60 Width 6.1 m
Soil Marmol
Theater 130 High 4.2 m Area Acond. Not
School 56 Area 71 m2 Heated One

Dimensions Theater School Imperial Imperial Gala Service