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The garages are at the bottom of the Patio de Caballos, and we have music enabled to high volume (< 90 Db) posterior a las 11 de la noche, que es el limite horario que marcan las ordenanzas municipales de Sevilla. Actualmente hay un primer espacio de 7,9 m x 4,5 m que tiene professional ground platform, perfect for dancing, and a second room where the open bar is located. These two spaces can fit a total of about 80 people. If the event is of more people, these have to be in the Patio de Caballos, with a volume of background music – not exceeding 55 Db. Capacities Measures Features
Cocktail 80 Long 17.4m Covered All
Gala 60 Width 4.5 m
Soil Wood
Theater 81 High 4 m Area Acond. Not
School 32 Area 78 m2 Heated One