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The Patio is Apeadero Entry to the House.
Measures 11 m x 6,4m, is outdoors and is the natural place for hosting. In the place usually red carpets Apeadero, torches, fotocalls, signage, string quartets, tunas, venenciadores, ham cutters, tables of cheese, beverages bars and support tables.
On the left, to the Patio de Caballos and right to the main house and courtyard Columns. The Apeadero is suitable for receptions, Cocktails, coffee breaks and civil ceremonies up 135, or for lunch or dinner up 70 people. The Apeadero not covered.

Capacities Measures Features
Cocktail 130 Long 11m Covered Not
Gala 70 Width 6.4m
Soil Stone
Theater 135 High 10m Area Acond. Not
School 60 Area 64m2 Heated One

Entry Halt Halt Fountain of Neptune Wall Asparagus Patches Venenciador Entering the House