History of the House of Guardiola

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Guardiola House Palace is located in the Puerta de Jerez No 5. The Cathedral, The Archive of the Indies, The Alcazar, University, Hotel Alfonso XIII and the Torre del Oro are less than 200 meters. The Puerta de Jerez Metro stops, Tramway-Metrocentro, Buses, Taxis, and car parks at the hotel Alfonso XIII, Avenue of Rome, and Paseo de Colón. La Casa de Guardiola is in one of the most central and accessible from Seville.

Andres Sanchez de Quiros Parladé and (Malaga and Seville, 1831 1885), II Conde de Aguiar, large landowner and stock market investor and father of 11 children, in 1880 purchased two adjoining houses and instructs the famous Sevillian architects José Luis Gómez Otero and Espiau de la Cova to appropriately reconstruct as a mansion. The house occupies 1.490 meter of surface and has a total of 2.500 meters built in 3 floors.

Andres Heredia Parladé and (1859-Sevilla Málaga 1933), Conde de Aguiar III, Renaissance man, lawyer , academic, Senator noble, director of the archaeological ruins of Italica and genre painter of extraordinary sensitivity and good taste, is who executed the lavish architectural decoration of frescoes, reliefs, roundels, brackets, plasterwork, geometric tiles, symbolist and figurative, glassware, coffered, ironwork, glassware, sculptures, sources, chimneys, scrim and many details that make the house the best example of the Sevillian mansion XIX.

The Third Count died in 1933 without children and some nieces who inherited it in 1944 decide to sell the house.

Salvador Guardiola Fantoni (1901-1973), entrepreneur, farmer and rancher is the purchase and moved to live there with his wife, Maria Luisa Dominguez y Perez de Vargas (1906-1993) and their 15 children – Savior, Conception, Joaquin, Juan, Consuelo, Reyes, Xavier, Alfonso, Blanca, Maria Luisa, Jerome, Jaime, Luis, Catalina and Angela. The house is now inhabited by their children.

The house retains the characteristic spaces of a manor: courtyard , horse yard, garages, blocks, tack room, colonnaded courtyard, loggia, garden, kitchens, dining room, stately staircase, ballroom, galleries, library and bedrooms, Summer dining rooms on the ground floor and upstairs winter,

The Guardiola family keeps the house in perfect state of maintenance and habitability. La Casa Palacio de Guardiola is a home exceptional in every way and promises a memorable experience.

Guardiola House Rule 1923 BLACK AND WHITE No. 1669